WELCOME TO AMT Second Decade

AMT International, Inc., advancing mass transfer and chemical process technologies, offers eye-opening separation equipment and specialty process technologies for hydrocarbon processing industries (HPI). 

AMT, founded in 1997, now holds more than 49 US and Foreign patents on separation equipment and chemical process technologies with more than 39 new patents pending.

AMT ADV® Pinnacle Performance Trays are installed in more than 3000 fractionation columns worldwide for lower initial equipment cost, ease of maintenance and greater savings of operating energy expense. 

AMT technologies includes ADP (Advanced Dehydration Process) for PTA producers, AED-BTX (Advanced Extractive Distillation) for Aromatic BTX Recovery and ADS (Advanced Double Stage) filteration systems for longer runtime of hydrocarbon processing units.

AMT global alliance partners, notably CPC Corporation, Taiwan and PETRONAS, expedite the development and application of new environment-friendly fuel processes and modernization of existing mass transfer equipment in refining, petrochemical, chemical and gas processing plants. 

AMT personnel average over 30 years of experience each in innovation, development and application of mass transfer equipment and unique process technologies in industry.

AMT is a member of Fractionation Research, Inc. (FRI).


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