AMT can work with customers from start to finish. AMT engineers are very flexible and can get involved with projects at any stage depending on customer's needs and requirements.

1. Process design, simulation, and optimization 
AMT can provide guidance and assistance on design and specifications to meet quality goals. AMT offers it's expertise in performing system engineering and verifying the designs with simulation studies.

2. Mass transfer equipment design & debottlenecking 
AMT can design mass transfer equipment to meet customers specifications for new columns or increase capacity and efficiency of an existing column using packing or trays. 
See Revamping with ADV

3. Mechanical design and optimization 
AMT uses newest tools available in the market to design it's equipment. AMT uses 3D modeling CAD software for it's mechanical design. This eliminates typical design flaws hidden from eyes in a standard 2D CAD software.

4. Start-up & trouble shooting 
AMT process engineers can trouble shoot columns and offer suggestions to solve problems. Also, they can assist customer with start up of column.

5. Installation Supervision 
AMT mechanical engineers can provide technical assistance during installation to make sure that equipments are installed properly. AMT's experience is not limited to equipment designed by AMT. AMT engineers can assist with installation of any mass transfer equipment vendor.

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