Ultimate Performance Fractionation Trays:

ADV® Pinnacle Performance Trays incorporate the following patented features:

- Micro-Dispersion Canopy Valves

  • Completely Active Valve Cover

  • Micro-Mixing of Vapor/Liquid or Liquid/Liquid

- Bubble Promoter
Quick-Connect Panel Design

  • Up to two-third savings in field installation time

  • Many times stronger than old-fashion clamped or bolted trays

- Active Tray Joint 
- Plug Flow Downcomer

Worldwide, ADV® Pinnacle Performance Trays have been in services over 2000 columns that range from 760 to 10,200mm ID. Note that the larger the column diameter, the greater the advantages, benefits and performance of ADV® trays in terms of initial equipment cost, speedy field installation, ease of maintenance and operating energy savings.

Retrofitting existing trays to ADV® Pinnacle Performance Trays will yield up to 40% increase in throughput at comparable unit energy cost. Likewise, equipping new towers with ADV® trays may give rise to at least 20% more capacity or up to 17% energy savings at no extra cost.

For a typical plant modernization project, the usual throughput increase is 30% and the project is carried out during the scheduled maintenance turn-around, which is normally two (2) months or sooner. Adapting AMT ADV® Pinnacle Performance Trays will have:

  • Reuse of all existing fractionation columns.

  • No need to enlarge inlet vapor nozzle

  • No need for new foundation work or enforcement

  • No costly and time-consuming replacement of larger columns as in past practices

  • Quick payback of the new mass transfer equipment investment, usually within one year.

So, come to AMT and have a second opinion:

  • When your process licensors tell you need to replace the existing columns with larger ones

  • When the experts tell you to enlarge the inlet vapor nozzles

  • When they tell you to have a new foundation work or reinforcement

  • When they specify the mass transfer equipment of the 90ís or even 50ís

  • When they tell you to hire an army of installers

You can count on AMT for a solid second opinion. We are just an E-mail away.

Though AMT recommends that process licensors and plant owners adapt the ultimate performance ADV® Pinnacle Performance Trays for new plant construction or current process plant modernization, AMT can design and fabricate any of the following conventional fractionation trays to meet your specifications:

- Conventional Valve Trays, floating or fixed
- Sieve Trays
- Bubble Cap Trays
- Dual Flow Trays
- Orbit Flow Trays
- Baffle Trays
- Disc & Donut Trays

In all fairness, it is simple math and logic to incorporate the state of the art ADV® Pinnacle Performance Trays in lieu of the antiquated conventional trays for all applications for lower initial equipment cost, speedy field installation, ease of maintenance and greater operating energy savings.

AMT is a member of Fractionation Research, Inc. (FRI).

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